Digital Media Services

Digital Media Marketing Services:

Corporate Angels, LLC offers you affordable digital media services to market your business thru a variety of avenues. All designed to funnel customers and prospects to your website, and generate more revenue and sales for your business.



Email Newsletter Creation– We will create a digital newsletter for your company with any photos, videos, links or wordage that you would like to share. Formatted using an email template compatible with all systems, delivered via email and ready to be forwarded and sent. Starting at $25


Blog on any topicblog

We will write a blog on any topic. Research, images, and search engine optimization all included. Starting at $40



Build a Customized Website

We will build you a customized website utilizing WordPress bringing your business alive in the digital world. It comes complete with blogging capabilities for maximum placement potential

Starting at $80


gig-cover3Email Marketing Campaign

We will set an email marketing account for you using Wix, which will allow you to send three free newsletters a month. We will upload all your contacts for you, and create your very first template. Also included is a PDF with instructions on how to facilitate the program and change the template. You will have access to a complete statistics report on each newsletter sent out. Starting at $50


E Books

gig coverHow to Create Your Own Website-PDF $5

illustrations and pictures. By the end of the PDF you will have a beautiful website designed personally by you using a FREE online template. Purchasing or transferring your own private domain name is your own choice, you will be able to choose one for FREE from the website used to set up your account.

Marketing Tips  $5 I will provide you with 10 tips on Online Marketing to successful run your business utilizing the technology readily available at your fingertips. Tips have been handed down from top income earners as well as learned thru trial and error. Includes social media


newsletter3Create your own Email Marketing Campaign $5

Complete  step-by-step directions on creating an email marketing campaign using Wix.  By the end of the PDF you will have a  beautiful newsletter to send out to your clients and prospects.



How to Create your Face Book Business Page $5

Step-by-step directions  on how to utilize one of the most important social media forums for your business. Complete with Tips and Recommendations