Florida Ranked with the Unhealthiest Children in the Country.

I always felt like I lived in paradise. The beaches that surround me are among the top in the country, the weather is beautiful all year round, and the amount of community parks, family events, and facilities that are available around me are outstanding. My desire to travel is so minimal as I have everything…


As I dive deeper and deeper into the world of nutrition and networking, I have the pleasure of coming across some truly amazing treasures. My latest on-line find is a method to wellness that is becoming more popular as people’s live get busier and busier; due to the fact that most people don’t have the…

Nutrition, Children and Mental Disorders

ADHD. Depression. Anxiety. Should these illnesses be so prevalent in our children? What is the root cause of this epidemic? Evidence suggests, a lack of essential nutrients may be to blame.

Nutrition, Genes and You

It has been said that in the 20th century we learned what nutrition was, but in the 21st century, we learned what nutrition does. Nothing underscores the importance of nutrition to good health than the revolution in human genomics. The Human Genome Project decoded 3.4 billion base pairs of human DNA that make up our genes and chromosomes

National Nutrition Month

Commit this month to evaluating your nutrition! Many of us set some goals for the new year. At this point in time, you are either going strong with them, or statistically speaking, not going very far at all. After the first few weeks or even days of eating healthy or exercising, most fall right back into the old, easy, habitual routine. Well, us health nuts decided to dedicate this month to getting you back on track before you fall so far off he nutrition band wagon, you figure you’ll just wait and start next year. Yes, I know. This sounds all too familiar. I have worked in health and wellness for many years, and I have heard every excuse imaginable. I sometimes get into arguments on behalf of ones health, me fighting national nutrition month2them, for them!!

10 Health Benefits of Red Wine

Not everyone chooses to drink alcohol, but if you do, it would be a smart choice to choose red wine. Wine has always been a staple in the human diet. In fact, scientists have documented red wine as far back as 5400 B.C. Every year, more and more evidence surfaces indicating the health benefits associated with red wine.

Here are ten reasons to drink red wine:

Chocolate. And 6 Reasons Why I Should Eat it.

This year skip the chocolate and the candies. Well, maybe just a bite? Ok, a few pieces never hurt anyone! And next thing you know the box of chocolates is empty and you feel horrible….The truth is, according to many studies, dark chocolate has been found to have a tremendous amount of health benefits. Just keep in mind that although it’s super healthy, it is high in fat! Here are 6 reasons why you can indulge in some dark chocolate this Valentine’s day with out the guilt. Keep in mind… it must be dark chocolate.

What are Natural Flavors, Really?

As I sit devouring a delicious bag of Organic Sweet Potato Chips, I randomly turned the bag over to see how many servings I would actually be consuming if I ate the whole bag. Instead, what catches my eye are the words “with natural flavoring”. Hmm…..I began wondering about this mysterious ingredient and what exactly it was. I googled it from my phone. “What is natural flavors?” My results were quit surprising and my decision to eat the whole back now seemed a bit unintelligent on many levels. I would be getting to the bottom of this unknown element immediately, and what it might mean for the future of my chip eating. Oh, I mean, my family’s health!

What is this Protein Shake Craze??

What is this protein shake craze and is it everything it’s made out to be? Lately every where you turn, someone is selling a different kind of protein shake. A different brand, a different protein source, and a variety of flavors. Are they truly beneficial and should we be incorporating them into our diets?

Yes, We Have No Bananas!

If you’re well-versed in fruit history (a pomohistorian, if you will), you’d know about the death of the original banana, or the Gros Michel in the 60s. Yes, that’s right, fifty years ago people were eating an ENTIRELY different kind of Banana. These bananas were bigger, and filled with more nutrients; Sadly, these bananas were effectively wiped out by disease, and quickly replaced with the bananas we all know and love: the Cavendish. These bananas, though arguably more iconic, are less healthy for you. On top of that, they, too, are going extinct. Again, by disease.

Choose your poison. Sugar or Pizza?

Everybody already knows the dangers of eating candy;

Remember your parents telling you not too eat too much on Halloween, or your teeth would rot? Well, it turns out that cutting out candy may be even better for you than previously thought.

Do you EAT MEAT?

You’ve probably seen it on the news recently; due to its trending status, most people have. Maybe you overheard somebody talking about it, or a friend told you, or you read it online. Whatever mode of communication, it’s on everybody’s mind: meat. And it’s not because of its taste. That’s right, people aren’t talking about their love of bacon for once.