About Corporate Angels

Our mission at Corporate Angels is to improve and inspire the lives of others thru achieving optimal health, offering a variety of business opportunities, and  reaching financial freedom. We offer support in  building your business thru a variety of digital marketing media services and helping you get your business where you’d like to be. We assist in helping others create their legacy, one that is unique, and one that brings content and happiness.  Where daily life isn’t a struggle. Finances and health play a major role in one’s wellness. Counter to what many believe, money is not the root to all evil. It is in fact a way to freedom, and creating greatness in ones life, and health, provides ease and comfort in enjoying that life style.

move mountains Corporate Angels, LLC is very excited to be one of Laguna Blends founding power teams. With the experience of many years of network marketing in their background, social media, online marketing experience,  passion and faith, Corporate Angels, LLC is equipped to lead it’s team into a new market with a new product,  using new avenues to obtain health and wellness thru HEMP!

At Corporate Angels we lead, we follow, we have ups and downs, but we keep moving forward. We started this mission as our own journey began to unfold. We hope to travel it with many like minded people, and as we cross other “not so like-minded” people, we hope it provides us with growth and lessons to be learned.

In peace, love and gratitude, we thank you for being here with us and invite you to join us on our mission of health, wealth and creating a legacy.

Your Corporate Angel Board of Directors:


Proud Momtreprenuer. Co-Founder and CEO of Corporate Angels, LLC , Nutrition Advocate.  Digital Media Service Provider,  and Author of The Mom Chronicles, and The 5 Blog Spot , “How to be a Momtrepreneur” and “4 Ways to Make Money  Online” . Angela is passionate about her family, community health, the global food crisis and empowering moms and women to succeed in both motherhood and business.  Please feel free to read more on her involvement in the wellness industry, follow her zany blogs of life as a stay-and-work at home mom or join her  Team of nutrition advocates out to rock the world!



Dorian Rodgriguez: Co-Founder and CEO of Corporate Angels, LLC, Nutrition Advocate, Graphic Artist, Financial Investor and Life Coach. Dorian has a deep desire to assist people in manifesting the great lives they deserve and are capable of achieving. He has helped many people thru the struggles of their daily lives in bringing them balance both financially and spiritually. He teaches people daily how to live in optimal health, and be the best they can be despite any and all odds.


Contact us with any questions or set up a consultation with leaders in the industry


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